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The KellyBronze Turkey

We're thrilled to be able to offer our customers the KellyBronze Turkey!  These pasture-raised, heritage birds have been bred by three generations of The Kelly Family. They're slowly and carefully raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains before being processed at The Kelly's own USDA facility, hand-plucked, and then aged for 7+ days. There is no other turkey grown and processed like this anywhere in the USA. It is truly unique.

If you reserve by November 1st, you will get 23% off our current non-member shipping rate.

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KellyBronze Turkey

$20.00 per pound

The Kelly family has produced turkeys since 1971 when the founders Derek and Molly Kelly decided to begin raising top quality Christmas turkeys in Danbury, England, 20 miles northeast of London.

In 1983, Derek Kelly travelled the UK collecting the last remaining flocks of pure bronze turkeys from Scotland, Wales, and England. This total of approximately 350 turkeys was the start of The KellyBronze, now in its third generation as a family business.

In 2015, The Kelly Family brought the KellyBronze to the USA.

So why is this turkey so delicious. First and foremost KellyBronze are a slow growing breed, they are fully mature birds when they are processed and maturity/age has the biggest single impact on turkey flavor.


As with all our meats, the KellyBronze is raised wild in the woodlands of Virginia, giving the meat flavor and texture due to the natural movement and exercise that occurs living free as nature intended.

Additionally, these birds are only fed a natural (non-GMO) corn and soy diet to supplement the natural food sources they consume from the fields and woodlands.


They are also dry plucked, (no added water), which allows for hanging/dry-aging. They are

hung (dry-aged) for at least 7 days. The hanging results in the most tender meat due to an enzyme change in the meat which breaks down the connective tissue (collagen) in the muscle.

Finally, a KellyBronze will cook quicker because of the intramuscular fat that is not present in a standard bird. Remove the meat from the oven as soon as the needle hits 140°F and leave to stand for at least 30 mins before carving. The bird will continue to cook during that half hour to the perfect 150°F.

The Key Points of Difference
  • Grown to full maturity of 20 weeks or more (not the usual 12/14 weeks); flavor comes with maturity

  • More maturity provides more breast meat (up to 50% more depending on weight)

  • Grown wild in woodland area with welfare standards that are better than any organization

  • Dry processed without the use of water at any stage

  • Hung as a game bird should be

  • The dry process and hanging makes it so safe it can be eaten raw! Indeed we recommend it to be pink

  • All Kelly Bronze turkeys have the drumstick tendons removed to ensure better eating quality 

  • A whole 20 lbs bird can be cooked in 2 1/2 hours in a 375 degree oven vs 5 hours for a standard bird

  • Supplemented with Non-GMO feed

  • No other turkey in the USA is produced using this unique breed and dry processing methods


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How the Reservation Process Works

Reserving your holiday KellyBronze Turkey is as simple as 1  2  3.

1. Click the reservation link, which will bring you to our order form.

2. Fill out the order form and choose the size of turkey you would like to order.


3. Then click SUBMIT. 

After submission, a separate invoice will be sent to you to complete the payment process. You will have 48 hours to finalize your reservation.


A non-refundable $100 down payment

will apply at this time.


Closer to the delivery date a final invoice will be sent where we will deduct the $100 down payment. The final invoice will include the final cost of your order along with 5% BDA Duty and our special shipping rate of $6.89 per lbs, which is 23% off our current shipping rate.


FREE LOCAL Delivery!

Your order will be sent via air cargo. It will be delivered the same day it arrives on the island. Arrival timeframe is as follows:

12/10 to 12/15/21

All orders are shipped frozen to ensure the quality of the item throughout the shipping process.

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