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About Us

The Harvest Market, a socially conscious, online Farm-Direct grocer, is designed to provide the Bermuda community an alternative way to purchase high quality, minimally processed, sustainably produced whole foods. 


Our partnerships with small local and overseas US farms will give our customers access to affordable non-GMO, organic, sustainably grown produce, humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone free, quality meats and poultry and minimally processed direct from the farm products.

As a socially conscious business, we pledge to provide our members wholesale buying programs that are guaranteed to be 10% to 20% lower cost than purchasing comparable food through their local grocery store!

The Harvest Market Bermuda offers our customers the best selection of LOCALLY grown produce (grown using organic farming practices) and humanely managed pasture raised Farm-Direct meat from our overseas farm partners. Customers can purchase our products through our Wholesale Buying Club, our Subscription Plans, our unique gifts, or on our Online Market on Sargasso.

Be safe, eat well, and thank you for supporting Bermuda's small businesses!

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