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Our Wholesale Buying Club

The Info You’re After

Our promise:

No factory farms!

No unethical farming practices!

No antibiotics or hormones!

No harmful pesticides!

Just clean, healthy food at the lowest possible price.

Better food! Better living!

What is a Wholesale Buying Club?

Combine your purchasing power with your friends, family and the neighbors in your community by becoming a member of The Harvest Market's Wholesale Buying Club. A buying club allows you to access bulk shipments of food, in a volume that generates a discounted price from the seller (in this case our small farm partners). Club members benefit from a lower per-unit cost and from an increased sense of community and sharing.

How do I become a Founding Member?

Unfortunately, all the Founding Memberships have sold out. 

All other Standard and Halal Memberships are currently available now and will include access to purchasing monthly meat packages at wholesale prices and access to purchasing on our members only platform where prices are up to 20% off over retail. Our Standard subscriptions will be as follows:

1-Year Standard or Halal Membership ($275)

6-Month Standard or Halal Membership ($175)

3-Month Standard or Halal Membership ($100)

1-Month Trial Standard or Halal Membership ($64) 

Where do you get your products?

How much money will I save?

We are excited to have partnered with several well established family owned farms in the Hudson Valley region of New York and the Appalachian Mountain region of New Jersey. Many of our farms have over 200 years of experience, so they are able to provide you with the best quality humanely raised meats with no antibiotics or growth hormones.

We are also partnered with several local Bermuda farms for produce and a local Bermuda fisherman!

As we expand, we will continue to add more partner farms to our program and will report back to our members through our newsletter. Click here for a list of our farms.

At the Harvest Market, we can offer average discounts of between 10% - 20% on comparable meats in the grocery store. Membership in our Wholesale Buying club can save you even more with discounts and specials all year long and FREE delivery. 

Do you only sell meat?

What are the payment options?

No, we sell both meat, produce and farm specialty items like maple syrup, jams, breads, gluten free items and other pantry products. We provide our customers with a variety of Farm-Direct products from local and overseas producers through our Online Market located on the Sargasso Sea platform as well as on our website. Just click the shop link above to find some exciting meat products or click the Devour Club section for our meat of the month club. We also sell seafood from Bermuda's local fisherman that can be found on our Sargasso platform under the Wild Ocean Direct section.

Sign up for our mailing list to get access to special products and discounts and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date on the fresh Local produce offerings we have.

We accept all credit cards through our website and through our platform on Sargasso Sea. 

Do you sell meat and produce from Bermuda farmers?

Currently, we don't sell meat from Bermuda farmers, however we are working with local farms that produce meat to hopefully increase our offerings

We have partnered with several local organic produce farms in Southampton, Hamilton Parish and in St. Davids to provide our customers with the highest quality of organic local produce available on our Island.  Check out our Online Farmers Market on the Sargasso Sea app to see what is currently available from our farmers.

It is our goal to partner with more small local organic farmers in Bermuda, so we can continue to provide our customers with local products and help our small Bermuda farmers more easily get their harvests to the market.

If you are a local organic farmer in Bermuda, and would like to be a part of the Harvest Market, please reach out to us at:

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes!  We are happy to help you with purchasing a gift card. Gift cards can be purchased in denominations of:

  • $50

  • $75

  • $100

  • $150

  • $225

  • $650

Gift cards are valid for 1 year from date of purchase. 

If you would like to purchase a gift card, you can do so by clicking this link to contact us directly.

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