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Reserve your holiday packages today!

The Harvest Market is excited to be offering Ramadan holiday packages.  Click the link below to place your reservation.

What is in the box?

Our boxes start at $375 (an additional $75.00 shipping and handling fee will apply). Packages will contain:

  • 8 to 10 lbs of meat (curated by Harvest Market),

  • 1.5 to 2 lbs of wild caught Pacific fish (curated by Harvest Market),

  • 1.5 lbs Hot Multigrain Cereal from Wild Hive Farms

  • 3 Specialty products of your choice, and

  • 5-item Grab & Go produce bag of seasonal produce (curated by Hideaway Farm).


When you click the reservation button, you will be able to choose the box you would like and then pick the 3 items from the Specialty Items list that you prefer. If you would like, you can also add the organic Halal goat or dessert items listed at the bottom for an extra fee. Please note, add-on items will incur an additional shipping fee of $8.89 per lbs. Final add-on shipping fee will be based on the final weight of the item(s).


All meat comes from our partner farm Halal Pastures. It is certified Halal, Organic and Tayeb. All fish is wild Pacific caught by small fisherman who are dedicated to sustainable fishing practices.

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Last day to order March 6, 2023

Ramadan Packages Image 1.png
Wild Caught Fish in Ramadan Packages
Middle Eastern Spice Jar from Umami Bermuda

All produce is from Hideaway Farm, a local farm dedicated to organic farming practices. All specialty products are from organic farms and small producers in NY and NJ with the exception of Umami Spice, which is a local Bermuda small spice producer.

Beef, Chicken and Fish Package
Hideaway Farm Organic Veggies

How the Reservation Process Works

Reserving your Ramadan Holiday Package is as simple as 1  2  3.

1. Click the reservation link, which will bring you to our order form.

2. Fill out the order form and choose the type of meat box you would like to order, then pick the 3 specialty items you prefer and any specialty add-ons you would like.

3. Then click SUBMIT. 

After submission, a separate invoice will be sent to you (within 24 hours) to complete the payment process. You will have 24 hours from receipt of invoice to finalize your reservation or it will be canceled.

All major credit cards are accepted.


24 hours from the delivery date, you will receive an email so you can schedule your delivery time. 


FREE LOCAL Delivery!

Your order will be sent via air cargo. It will be delivered the same day it arrives on the island. Arrival timeframe is as follows:

The week of March 13, 2023

All orders are shipped frozen to ensure the quality of the item throughout the shipping process.

Last day to order March 6, 2023

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