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Our Local Bermuda Farmers, Fisherman & Producers

Hideaway Farm (St. Davids)

Sunny Side Farm (Devonshire)

Seawood Farm (Smiths)

Hodgson Cottage Farm (Hamilton Parish)

Grassemere Farm (Warwick)

Invocation Farm (Hamilton Parish)

Honest Greens (Southampton)

The Old Rectory Raw Honey Producer (St. Davids)

Hakuna Matata Charters and Fisherman (Pembroke)

Our US Farmers, Producers & Fisheries

The NJ Farm at Glenwood Mountain (New Jersey)

Kezailain Bicentennial Farm (New York)

Cedar Ridge Farm (New Jersey)

8 O'Clock Ranch (New York)

Freedom Run Farm (Kentucky)

Halal Pastures (New York)

Hidden Meadow Farm (New Jersey)

Bobolink Dairy (New Jersey)

Saltverk (Iceland)

Wild Hive Farm (New York)

Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils (New York)

Finding Home Farms (New York)

Maple Leaf Sugaring (New York)

Hummingbird Ranch (New Jersey)

The Wild Alaskan Company (Alaska)

Seafood Producers Cooperative (Alaska)

Health Enhanced Foods (New Jersey)

US Farm Direct Suppliers

Fossil Farms (New Jersey)

Farms-to-Table (New York)

Our Farms

We all succeed when family farmers thrive.


Nothing we do at The Harvest Market BDA would be possible if we didn’t respect our farmers and fishermen. We have developed transparent partnerships with both our local and overseas farmers and fisherman, some of which go back more than a decade. Thriving family farms are not only important to the economic stability of our communities, but one important step in helping to solve our climate crisis. A properly managed small farm uses ecologically sound farming practices, provides food sovereignty for farmer and surrounding community, has higher yields, grows more biodiverse and resilient crops (which improve the soil and reduce the need for pesticides) and has less waste than industrial agriculture, improving our planet's outcomes in the long run. 

We are privileged to support small family farmers and confidently rely upon their integrity everyday. When we develop a new farm partnership, we research them, (and in the case of a ranch or local farmer) directly visit the farm, learn about their products (how they grow or raise them) and taste them to ensure their quality. Developing this partnership and getting to know the farmers personally helps us to ensure that they truly do meet our rigorous standards of sustainably harvested/produced with no GMOs and no harmful pesticides and humanely managed, pasture raised meats with no steroids, no antibiotics and no hormones.


You too can be confident that when you purchase a product from the Harvest Market BDA it is traceable back to its source and that the source is a small, independent producer that grows their produce, produces their farm products, or raises their animals the right way!


Have a question about one of our products, drop us an email at Be sure to include a photo of the item and invoice and we will provide you with the farm or small producer details. 

Check out our detailed list of the farmers, small producers, fisherman and sustainable fisheries that we currently partner with. This list is ever changing as we are continuously searching out new partnerships that will help us to give our customers an abundance of high-quality, direct from the farm/producer foods to choose from.

What kind of farm-direct foods do we sell?

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