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Priced per lbs


Average weight 1-2.5 lbs


Country-style ribs, are not truly ribs.  They come from the region where the loin meets up with the blade, or shoulder, of the animal. Therefore, they contain a mix of lean light meat from the loin, rich dark meat from the shoulder, and, if bone-in, part of the shoulder blade or rib bone. Even though their name is confusing, they are a delicious alternative to traditional spare ribs or baby back ribs as they are meatier, cook quickly, and boast rich pork flavor.

Heritage Country Style Ribs

  • NOT ALL COUNTRY-STYLE RIBS ARE ALIKE: Don’t be alarmed if a single package of country-style ribs contains a motley assortment of pieces. It’s common to find small and large bones, dark and light meat, and varied marbling.

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