The Harvest Market: Changing the Way Bermuda Buys Groceries

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

By Tracy Astwood

January 21, 2020

The Harvest Market is Bermuda’s first socially conscious, low profit, online farm-to-table grocer that was started with the belief that everyone deserves, and should have access to, affordable, high quality, healthy meats and produce!

Buying groceries in Bermuda has become a frustrating experience. Prices over the last decade have skyrocketed, making the bill at the checkout counter downright painful; while the quality of food you are buying is often questionable. No longer does that need to be your family’s experience. The Harvest Market can now help change all that!

This new online grocery company is the brainchild of Tracy Astwood and her nephew Michael Astwood-Smith, which started from Tracy’s previous experience of purchasing high quality meats direct from the farm, then shipping them to Bermuda to share with friends and family.

Tracy found that she could always beat the price of meats being sold in the local grocery stores.

“Over the years I have found ways to meet our food budget by bringing in meats from overseas. I found buying a whole cow direct from the farm was the most economical way of purchasing meat for myself and our friends and family. With my parents living in a rural community, surrounded by small farms, we got to know many of those farmers and were able to procure the highest quality meats at super low prices. Even after paying to have the meat processed and then bringing it back on the plane ourselves, we were able to beat the grocery store prices for the same quality of beef by 50%,” explained Tracy Astwood, Proprietor of the Harvest Market.

With her nephew’s experience in grocery merchandizing and inventory management and her connections to the small East Coast farms that she already had; Tracy knew she had a team that could expand on what she had been doing over the last 2 years and create a small farm-to-table grocer.

Not wanting to stop there, the pair felt they didn’t want to just provide the Bermuda community with easier access to clean, healthy farm fresh foods, but they wanted to tackle the significant problem of food insecurity in Bermuda. Their low-profit concept was a radical idea, but one that the Bermuda community needed.

“Many low-income, even middle-income families and pension dependent seniors often have trouble putting food on their tables. At times during the year, these households, including my family, were uncertain of having enough food to meet the needs of all their members, because they had insufficient money for food,” explained Tracy.

“Parents often protect their children from food insecurity even when the parents themselves experience reduced dietary quality and intake. In some food-insecure households, the adults are often the first to become food insecure. And if that isn’t rectified, the children then too become food insecure. This is evidenced by the fact that many of our schools rely on Breakfast programs for students that are provided by some of Bermuda’s local charities,” she added.

There are many families in Bermuda who have and continue to experience these challenges. Being able to help people smooth out their food budgeting needs and provide monthly high-quality fresh foods with very little markup, was very important to the founder of the Harvest Market.

“Creating a business model that is focused on helping, instead of profit, was my primary goal from the outset. Tackling food insecurity issues in Bermuda grew out of the needs that my family experienced during times of economic struggle for us. I knew it would be difficult because the cost of shipping is exorbitant and the regulations needed to overcome to make this happen could be challenging, but failure was not an option. Too many families in Bermuda need this to work!” said Tracy.

And so, The Harvest Market Bermuda was born.

The Harvest Market team handpicks their farms, works with them on price and curates the product choices that will give their customers the highest quality food at the lowest possible price.

“We contract with USDA connected small farmers in New York and New Jersey that only grow organically certified fruits and vegetables and produce humanely raised grass fed beef, heritage pork and free-range organic poultry. Buying direct from these farms in large quantities helps remove the middle man and keep our costs low,” states Mike Astwood-Smith who is in charge of supply chain logistics for The Harvest Market. “Additionally, we have forged a partnership with an organic farm in St. Davids, and are looking to create a small farm cooperative here that will help support our local farmers’ business needs and help us all work together in providing the Bermuda community with sustainably grown, affordable, local organic produce,” he added.

From organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables, to humanly raised animals, The Harvest Market guarantees their partner farms’ products and their commitment to meeting the company’s standards that The Harvest Market requires in order to do business with them.

The convenience of being able to afford eating healthy without harming ones pocket book or busy schedule, is priceless.

And shopping is quick and easy with The Harvest Market, as they have partnered with the Sargasso Sea App!

Now customers can sign up and purchase membership in their Cooperative Buying Club program or one of their monthly subscription programs directly through the Sargasso app, with free delivery!

Just pick one of the many packages that they provide for whichever fits your lifestyle, schedule your day and time for delivery, and then checkout!

There are a variety of packages to choose from to fit your budget. Coop Club membership packages for Founding Members is $650 for up to 4 friends on your plan. Regular memberships start at $162 per year. There are also Monthly subscription plans that include our Craft Butchery plan that provides you with monthly shipments of prime cuts of meats and poultry or our Root to Tree plan that provides you monthly packages of seasonal organic fruits and vegetables. For those who want it all, our Full Harvest plan will give you both.

It’s the new convenient way to shop. So not only are you saving money, but time as well. Perfect for seniors who have difficulty getting to grocery stores and shopping on their own, mothers and fathers on the go, and everyone who wants a heathier, cleaner way to live.

One of the many great things about this company is their transparency about their products and their quality. They assure you clean eating at affordable rates. Since there is no “middle man” The Harvest Market guarantees you that they have full knowledge of their products, where they source them and how it they are packaged. They personally get to know their farmers, how they grow their produce, or raise their animals, and are confident of the quality of the products, as they feed them to their own families.

Each of their shipments are guaranteed to have 10 different varieties of fresh certified organic produce for that season and 15 pounds of humanely raised meat. This is a deal you don’t want to miss!

You can finally be confident that you can bring healthy quality food to your dinner table that won’t break the budget!

Start saving your hard-earned money now! Signing up today for a Founding Membership that includes a huge discount on

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