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Stock Up and Save Specials

Available again starting November 2023 

Prices are skyrocketing in the grocery store! You don't want to miss out on our superior quality meats with our Stock Up and Save specials that will help your family save some cash! All prices are inclusive of shipping.

AND remember our meat is 100% Grass-Fed Beef, 100% Woodlands and Pasture Raised Berkshire or Heritage Pork and 100% Pasture Raised Chicken. No hormones, no antibiotics and no steroids! Direct from our small independent Northeast farm partners. 

Looking for shares of Beef or Pork? We offer whole, half, quarter,  1/8 and 1/16 shares of Beef and Pork at special pricing.You can even pick between Texas Longhorn, Angus, Charolais or Hereford Cattle and Heritage or Berkshire Pigs.
Give us a call at 441-703-7935 for a quote.

Shipments are packed with 48 hour ice (gel) packs in 1/4 inch thick insulated and moisture resistant boxes. Your shipment is guaranteed to arrive frozen.


Shipping and duty included!

Please note there is a $12 local delivery charge. Shipment will be delivered on day of arrival in Bermuda.

Our next shipment date for our Stock Up and Save specials is October 23, 2023. To make the Oct 23rd shipment you will need to

place your order by Oct 13th.  Click here for Fall shipment schedule.

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