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The Surf & Turf Box

Fire up the grill and get ready to make a masterpiece. Harvest Market's online steak ordering offers a selection of Hand-trimmed, dry-aged, and USDA certified steaks, direct from our small independent farmers in the USA.

No antibiotics! No Steroids! No Hormones! Always humanely managed and fully pasture raised. Exceptional quality meat!

Our lobster is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and is humanely processed using the PETA and WWF certified HPP method.

Our Filet Mignon, favored by many for its melt-in-your-mouth texture and mild beef flavor is paired beautifully with this succulent, wild caught, North Atlantic lobster. This special gift box will contain 2 Filet Mignon steaks with 1 whole, split lobster.

Our Surf & Turf gift box will include:

2 USDA certified Black Angus Petite Filet Mignon Steaks (6 oz each)

1 wild caught, sustainably sourced North Atlantic lobster, split in half. (8 to 9 oz for each half)

Total net weight of gift box: 1.75 to 1.87 lbs


The Surf & Turf Gift Box $250

2 (6 oz) Petite Filet Mignon Steak.

1 (16 to 18 oz) Whole (split) North Atlantic Lobster

Includes shipping, handling and duty.

$12 delivery fee will apply.




Please note: Atlantic Lobster (or American Lobster) are found along the Northeastern coast of North America. These lobster are wild caught and sourced from Nova Scotia and are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).


In keeping with with what you would expect from Harvest Market, the lobster are humanely processed using a high pressure processing (HPP) method which is one of only two methods approved by PETA and WWF for processing lobster. This method also helps loosen the connective tissues of the meat which results in a “melt-in-your-mouth” and tender taste experience rather than tough or chewy.


Our lobster presentation is unique and is called a split. The claw’s have been removed and the lobster has been split in half. The body cavity has been cleaned and the half tail, claw and knuckle meat are placed back within the half body shell. (See image below.) Each half is individually vacuum sealed and immediately flash frozen after processing for quality and freshness. The splits weight between 8 and 9 oz each. 

Your gift will be beautifully packaged in our signature black boxes with gold ribbon and a card that you can have inscribed with special wishes for your recipient.

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