Becoming A Halal Founding Member?

Becoming a Halal Founding Member of our Wholesale Buying Club will help us to get The Harvest Market's Halal Farm Partnership off the ground. 


The Harvest Market Bermuda is crowdsourcing our start-up costs by selling Halal Founders Memberships in our Wholesale Buying Club. While our Halal Founders Membership fee of $650 may seem like a lot of money, this membership fee will do a lot for us and give a lot back to you!  


So what does my membership fee actually do?

Your founding membership fee is kind of an investment or a small loan to our company that will help us get the funding we need to set up our infrastructure, develop our Halal farm partnership, purchase inventory, evaluate our supply chain and test our shipping and distribution channels for our new Halal products. And in return for your commitment and support throughout this process, we will give you more than the value of your membership back in product and services!

So why should I buy a membership when I can just buy individual cuts from your Sargasso Sea platform?

Our business model is primarily Wholesale Buying Clubs. This allows us to leverage our buying power with our farm partners, which helps us to keep our prices as low as possible for our customers. The more members we have and the more meat we buy each month, the better buying power we can develop for our customers. Combining your purchasing power with your friends, family and neighbors allows you to benefit from a lower per-unit cost and from an increased sense of community and sharing.


Once we have built a consistent membership base, only then will we be able to offer individual retail sales of Halal meat on our Sargasso Sea platform, through email sales or on our website. We don't anticipate this happening until the summer months though, making your Founders Membership the quickest way for you to access our Farm-Direct, organic, humanely raised, certified Halal meats.

So if I decide to become a member, what do I get back?

Your membership is valued at $1572 and includes:​

  • 1 Year membership for you and 2 of your friends or family. ($825 value. That's only $216 per member! A more than a 20% discount off our regular 1-Year memberships). 

  • 1 free shipment of 8 lbs of meat, curated by The Harvest Market BDA. (primary founding member only) ($160 value).

  • 2 years of free delivery for wholesale bulk purchases only (primary founding member and additional members for 1 year and primary founding member for 2nd year.) (up to $312 value).

  • 2nd year of membership for free. (primary founding member only) ($275 value).

  • Access to purchasing of monthly shipments of meat and produce at wholesale prices.

  • Access to purchasing through our Members Only online market at

  • Access to purchasing at member exclusive prices at our St. George's Sunday Farmers Market Stall.

  • Membership Included in our Harvest Bucks rewards program.

  • Free newsletter.

Founders Memberships are available to purchase on this website only, but memberships will be limited! There will only be 50 Halal Founders Memberships available, so once they are gone, they are gone. You  can become a member starting April 6, 2021, by clicking the blue Halal Membership link above!